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To sleepwalk through life reduces the chances of your soul Awakening to it’s True Purpose. The paths of least resistance and comfortable mediocrity lead to a fearful and unfulfilled life that may seem acceptable but is doomed to sadness and decay.

Free Your Mind and The Rest Will Follow is a favorite saying of mine. It’s my own twist on the Psalm 46:10 Bible verse “Be still and know that I am God.”

Free Your Mind means to learn to Be Still inwardly and create “space” between your ego mind chamber of competing thoughts, and your true, authentic Self. Yes, there is a difference between your True Self and your thinking self, but you usually don’t see it or understand it! That’s the condition we humans suffer from that leads us to become addicted to self-destructive behaviors and ideas!

As I put it in my memoir (Finding Heaven In The Dark), our mind has a mind of it’s own! It sounds funny but it is deadly serious. We think, feel, and react or feel, think, and react, as our mind is led on a merry chase through emotions we can’t escape or control. We become mentally conditioned to life view confusion, and poor decisions follow.

The Be Still and Know Judeo-Christian Meditation I learned to practice as a desperate youth, helped save my life! Learning how to become objective to all our thoughts and feelings is truly empowering, because it exposes the tricks and traps of our ego conditioned mind. Sincere meditation creates patience and patience gently frees the mind from past or future imaginings (day dreaming). Controlling your Attention is Freeing Your Mind! 

A Free Mind, aligning with the Light of Reality, becomes fearless and free from compulsive judgments. A Free Mind leads the rest of the body to improved health and contentment.

A Free Mind is Peace of Mind.

That thinking mind chatter still occurs frequently, but the Peace that is part of your True Self, makes it easier to ignore or respond to, as required. A Link to books website. A Link to F.H.U. Be Still & Know Meditation.


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Published on December 04, 2016 10:42

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