“I don’t believe people can change,” said the character in a T V program I was watching, “but I have seen it happen,” he added.

People can change for the better, but so few do. You know the ones I’m talking about. I was one of them. Our poor choices and bad decisions grind us down into a dark existence that only experiences temporary relief through escapes. We become bitter instead of better.

Some people just become addicted to their misery! They whine and complain but won’t take any real positive action to change and mature. People can and do change in a positive way but it often comes after or during a life altering event.

My own story in Finding Heaven In The Dark pivots around my virtual collapse in spirit and health at the end of my rebellious odyssey. Conditions forced me to see myself stripped of all pretense. I was naked emotionally and empty spiritually. Being humbled with a contrite heart and a teachable mind was the catalyst for change I needed. Whether you call it rebirth or awakened consciousness a vital connection with Divine Reality ( GOD) has taken place and your life will never be the same. That’s change you can believe in!

The “Be Still and Know…” Meditation Exercise I learned to practice prayerfully taught me to find the calming center within myself that works like a neutral zone, where objectivity and patience helped me realize the true purpose of life and forgiveness.

The “Be Still and Know…” Meditation Exercise I learned over 50 years ago is still helping people today. Here’s a link to The Foundation of Human Understanding:


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