William Reviews: Christian Meditation by James Finley

Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation by James Finley

 Enter a Monastery Without Walls

Christian Meditation introduces an ancient practice to a contemporary audience. James Finley, a former monk and student of Thomas Merton, presents the fundamentals of both understanding and practicing Christian meditation. He provides simple, helpful instructions, as well as explaining the deeper connection with the divine that meditation can bring. Above all, he makes clear that the aim of meditation is to allow us to experience divine contemplation — the presence of God.


Review by: William L. Ingram

Beautifully written and insightful images of Christian inspired meditation!

Inspired by the great spiritual master, Thomas Merton, the author truly immersed himself into the purpose and promise of the search for God through Christian meditation. Besides a fascinating journey into the life of a monastery we are blessed with the authors gift of deep spiritual insights captured in concepts that are beautifully presented. Thank you for inspiring so many towards the inward search for enlightenment.

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