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This is a reprint of a communication in 2018.
Below is a portion of a letter from a white co-worker and fan of my memoir FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK, a book about my early life as a troubled black youth.

After reading your book I am at a loss to understand your support of a president who is a liar, a cheat, narcissist, misogynist, and racist, a mean-spirited, amoral human being who is damaging our democracy, the environment and eventually our safety.

I am curious, what do you like about this president?




Here is my thoughtful response:

Why I don’t hate President Trump
Dear Marie Anne,

Thank you so much for the wonderful words of praise you shared about my book! I appreciate your enthusiasm and inspiring others to read it.

Now to your question:
You certainly put a lot of ugly baggage onto President Trump. I recognize your list because it is the same one almost everyone who hates this man recites as evidence that he is totally unqualified and unfit to be President of the United States. I appreciate your sincere desire to hear my point of view, along with that of nearly 50% of our country, about why we support this President.

In advance we must agree to respectfully disagree about this subject. Neither of us will probably change the others mind with our arguments. Since you and I have a friendly relationship beyond our cultural and political differences we have refused to allow those differences to poison our respect for each other.

First let me say that I honestly see the same man who you and others see. I see a man who is my age, who is egotistical, arrogant, pugnacious, and can be mean-spirited and vindictive! I also see a man who has uncommon sense, intuition, graciousness, and loyalty to those who he admires as hard-working, honest, tough-minded people like himself! Donald Trump talks from his “stream of consciousness”. He says almost everything and anything that flows into his active mind, and this often gets him into trouble, especially with his humorless critics. Does he exaggerate at times? YES, and he should be called out on it as should every other politician who twists the facts to impress.

Basically Donald J. Trump is America! He personifies the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY about this country. He also represents every facet of human nature that we ALL share! Those who can’t see this is true are blinded by their emotional anger and hatred of him. They don’t see him as just WRONG – they believe him to be EVIL, and as such he is worthy of HATE!

A short history recap:
Donald Trump has been a high-profile business man and public figure for 40 years. He inherited Millions and turned it into Billions of dollars. He survived and even thrived in the rough and tough Manhattan, New York real estate development market. He became the toast of the town. He also at times seemed like a clown with a big ego to match his bank account. He was a Playboy and a self-absorbed narcissist. He also had a keen mind and some very insightful opinions about America and the World if you’ve seen his early interviews with Oprah.

He was never called a Racist, (until he decided to run for President), although he had a racist business practice that he was justifiably sued over. Like most men, and especially powerful and wealthy men, he attracted women and he used them.That is a terrible flaw that many consenting adults engage in. By that standard President Kennedy and President Clinton would also be considered misogynistic.

Trump was a New York Liberal Democrat for many years, but he slowly became more conservative as America began losing the Culture War. I didn’t know if I could trust his decision to run for president as a Republican. I was always an Independent voter who didn’t vote in primaries until I watched as Trump demolished his opponents. I liked Ted Cruz and Ben Carson but thought Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio was a lock. I even liked Carly Fiorina for her business like approach. But Trump made them all seem small because they were not going to take on the ruling political class which is what many of us have waited for! He was ruthless and awkward, but also refreshingly honest and very insightful during the debates. He was also fearless! He reminded me of General George Patton during WWII. He was rude and crude but used logic, skill, and bold common sense to explain his views on problems. I and 60 million other Americans were impressed. He knew who he was and was unapologetic. He also was unapologetic about Americas history and role in the world!


America is in the midst of a CULTURE WAR. Over the last 4 decades our country has been torn between forces of elite Liberalism and political correctness; and the forces of Conservatism and Traditional American values. Without congressional term limits our country has become dominated and controlled by career politicians of both Democrat and Republican Parties! These politicians, academicians, and liberal intelligentsia have controlled the information and direction of news and views for years. In modern times all of our Presidents have come from THE ESTABLISHMENT-The Ruling Elite. Most have been lawyers, who often have the common sense educated out of them until they become talking heads afraid to make a decision without a consensus or a compromise! (Every Congressperson wants to become a Senator and all Senators think they could be President.) Some of us saw President Obama as a Trojan Horse, or even a Manchurian Candidate who was a change agent for the forces of chaos that are determined to weaken and undermine our institutions and rule of law. We believe he succeeded masterfully to achieve his goal over 8 years.

Donald Trump was the Avenger many Americans wanted to finally stop our national slide towards European socialism and disrupt the rule by the Political Class! He may not have been the best person to do this, but we could only choose from those who offered themselves for service. This is why he is still popular among his supporters. He is doing the things he promised to do, unlike most politicians, and he is a fighter! He is hated by the Establishment Ruling Class because they are out of power for the time being. He is brash and vulgar and he fights like a Democrat. We may be ashamed or embarrassed by something he says, but it’s his deeds that we are judging him on, unlike his critics! He loves this country. He insults anyone regardless of race, creed, religion, ethnicity, or color! He has exposed the American Press as small-minded, thin-skinned lap dogs of the Democrat Party instead of being Watch Dogs for the American People!

President Donald Trump is a man, with the same passions and poisons that we all carry through this life. He is a sinner who needs forgiveness, and a leader who needs our prayers. This is an ugly world, with some of the worst people, of many countries, rising to the top to take power from the people. The forces of darkness want to weaken the United States by taking advantage of our culture war, and they may eventually succeed. At last we feel like we have someone who is fighting for common sense solutions to the problems our own government creates.

Donald John Trump is America, personified. He is the generous America and the ugly America. He is all the best qualities of our country, and some of our worst, embodied in one man who is not a political animal or a Washington Swamp Creature. That’s what I like. Someone who can bring order out of chaos without demanding that each American give up their constitutional rights. He could be a better President, and some of us are trying to help him with that, but he’s the only President we have now. May God Bless him and our country during these difficult days.

William L. Ingram/Author https://twitter.com/WLIngramAuthor

“Free thinkers are those who are willing to use their minds without prejudice and without fearing to understand things that clash with their own customs, privileges, or beliefs. This state of mind is not common, but it is essential for right thinking.

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy (Russian Thinker)

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