WHY CAN’T WE GET ALONG? by William L. Ingram



Why can’t we get along? Well the short answer is, because we don’t know how to.

“I love humanity, it’s just people I can’t stand” is a famous comic strip quote. It’s humorous and insightful because it reveals the knot of the problem. We like to think of ourselves as loving and kind, unless we suffer an injustice or a thoughtless act. We like the idea of wanting world peace and loving our fellow-man, in the macrocosm, or big picture; but when it comes down to loving other people, it gets complicated. That’s the smaller picture, or microcosm of this dilemma.
We can’t get along because we don’t value the power of forgiveness to change ours or others lives! Far too many of us love the intoxicating emotions of judgement and condemnation of others. It feels so good to justify our anger by putting others down! It gives our ego a sense of aliveness and empowerment of purpose when we decide to put someone “in their place!”
When we feed our anger and outrage this way we are diminishing our true selves, our being. We are keeping alive and growing our dark , negative nature that looks for every opportunity to judge and find fault!The better way is to learn to deal perfectly with imperfect people every day.
To make that a desire of our lives changes our attitude towards life immediately. We still inflict and suffer thoughtless behavior and painful acts, but we see our secret love for anger and we let it go, like a hot ember.
The power of forgiveness let’s us start each day with a new attitude. This new beginning means we still have the memory of a trespass, but no longer feel the pain of guilt or wish for revenge.
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