TRUE LOVE HEALS by William L. Ingram


Is the love you take equal to the love you make? Are you keeping score? After a tragedy we’re prompted to hug those we love to show that we cherish them. The routine “goodbye” and “have a nice day” take on a sacred significance when we try to infuse them with our love.
What about the stranger or the unlovable? They need love just as much as those we care deeply for. Not the phony emotional or sentimental love we confuse with the real thing. No, strangers and hard to love people need a non-judgmental patience that is the closest we humans can come to Godly love.
If we are conscious of the Godly Love that has blessed our own lives we have only to learn to share it with those we contact. There is a price however and that is how we grow in grace and faith. We pay the price of patient love by allowing others to be what they are. We should correct them when required and guide them when requested, but we must be patient and honest enough for them to see God’s Love through us.
We can’t fix others and we shouldn’t condemn them! We are to be the mirror they need to see themselves. In Christianity it’s called loving the Christ in someone even before they are aware of such a presence. True healing love is the being of one human interacting with the being of another in that present moment.
If we shared with others the patience and forgiveness we have for ourselves the World would begin to heal immediately.

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