Another person has killed themselves. Statistics claim that over 100 people a day commit suicide in the U.S. That’s not counting attempted suicides. It makes me sigh with sadness. I know the pain they felt and I know the pain their loved ones will suffer. How can I know their pains? We all can if we are sensitive to the common thread that unites us as humans.

I often state that we don’t know what we are as human beings or who we are as individuals. The desire and eventual determination to end our life by our own hands proves that statement in part. To seek an escape from the pain of life by ending our life is often our secret escape pod. Many of us have experienced the terror, of seeing those flickering thoughts in our minds, as we anguish through sadness or a deadly dilemma. That tease, to end it all, can become a dark ceremony in the secret corners of our mind.

Finding comfort by entertaining thoughts of suicide can be very dangerous! Thank God that for some of us it’s a powerful wake-up call to do a deep dive into the causes for the intense internal pain we have allowed to dominate our thoughts and feelings! But for some it gives a terrible sense of peace. They have decided to do the unthinkable by ending their life, and leaving the painful aftermath for others to ponder, process, and anguish over. This is why so many that were close to the person so often recall how peaceful they seemed before they took their life.

In our times suicide has sometimes morphed into horrific tragedies. “Suicide by cop” is now part of our language and national consciousness. “Suicide vests” and other detonating devices are still in the tool chest of terrorist minded, homicidal/suicidal maniacs. Workplace violence, school shootings, violent custody and hostage standoffs often end with self-inflicted wounds that cause suicide along with other deaths. These incidents don’t include drunk or drugged driving, or drug and alcohol abuse, where high risk behavior often results in “accidental” overdoses and death.

When someone who seems to “have it all” willingly ends their own life it shocks the system. If you have riches, fame, looks, and power what could drive you to tragically end your life? Why would you leave your family, friends, and especially your minor children, with the terrible guilt and unanswered questions? Was it a terminal disease? Was it mental illness or chronic depression? The BIG WHY often goes unanswered even when a note was left. Remember those who commit to personal suicide are usually trying to escape those questions and the answers themselves. They just want the pain of their existence to end, NOW!

Continued in Part 2

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