Q – You write that as a youth you had a “confused life view”. What do you mean by that?

A – The short answer is that I had no clear understanding of why life mattered. We are all born with that lack of the purpose or meaning of life. We just adapt the ideas of our family, tribe, or culture and that forms our beliefs. We all go through some form of identity issues as we grow from childhood into adolescence. Life view confusion involves our perception of morality and other principles that help us form our identity into adulthood. There is a war within each of us between what I’ll call a darkness and a type of light we call ‘conscience’. Well that light represents our potential, all our possibilities as a human being, but most of us don’t know that. When we are tested by life’s challenges and tragedies we are forced to answer life’s question; “Who do you think you are?”. Our conditioned responses to those defining moments reveals “who” we are. Negative thoughts and wrong choices reveal our inner darkness. The longer we resent the consequences we will remain unteachable. The light is always there to guide us towards change. There is no darkness that is greater than the Light.

My childhood wasn’t extraordinarily painful. Many others have suffered through poverty and dysfunctional family experiences. But there were secrets and lies about my birth and identity that caused me to struggle through an additional layer of insecurity during a critical time in my life. I write about those times and my thoughts because it is still truthful of what much of today’s youths experience.

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