Go to a place where you won’t be disturbed. Sit and relax your body and begin to think about yourself. Just sit quietly and think about yourself. Every time your thoughts wander to something else bring them back gently to thinking about you.

*Think about your past. Think about all of the mistakes you’ve made since childhood.

*Think about all of the time you’ve wasted and the opportunity’s you missed.

*Think about how other’s have disrespected or mistreated you!

*Think about your body. Dwell on every ache and pain.

*Think about your looks and how gravity is distorting your appearance.

Think about being a victim of life.

*Eat and drink indiscriminately.

*Cut down on your sleep.

*Never relax naturally, instead use alcohol or drugs.

*Avoid all exercise!

*Read about diseases and ailments often.

*Whine about your own ailments regularly.

*Think about your finances and worry about your future even if things are going well for you.

*Mind everyone else’s business so you can avoid dealing with your own.

*Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow.

*Never plan or really get organized.

*When things are in a chaotic mess call it Bad Luck or God’s Will!

*Ridicule those who are more successful than you. Blame your failures on their success.

*Never question yourself or try to learn from experience. To do so would disturb your sense of entitlement.

*Use your wits destructively. 

*Get very emotional over every little event especially if it doesn’t concern you!

*Be defensive about your dignity and take every casual comment personally!

*Never be original and resent those who are!

*Conclude that you know all that is necessary to learn about life.

*Finally, conduct your life as though there were no KARMA or GOD.

When it comes to changing the UNHAPPY conditions of your life you will discover that nothing about your life can truly change until you do! Whatever is holding you captive to a wrong life view is far weaker than the REALITY that wants to set you free!

Learn to “Be Still and Know” (psalm 46:10) that there is a God and a Way To Be.


Published by William L. Ingram

I am an award winning author and blog writer.

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