What if you could overcome painful life circumstances, forgive your past and find the healing joy of your present life?

Imagine finding love, and peace of mind as a way of life!

Those essential discoveries were the impetus that eventually inspired William L. Ingram to write about the life changing events, and life altering principles that saved him from his youthful course of self-destruction.

After 40 years as a successful small service business owner and entrepreneur William decided to complete a memoir manuscript he had begun years earlier. The events he recounts took place during his youth amidst the turbulent political and racial climate of 1960’s America.
Spanning his formative years as a Black fatherless youth of the post WWII era, author William L. Ingram has written an honest, inspirational, and award winning memoir. This inspiring true story of his troubled and rebellious teen years, his desertion from the US Marines in 1967, his cross country trek as a fugitive, and eventual discovery of faith and life saving principles reads like a prodigal son tale of redemption and joy.

Listen to “The Authors Show” Interview with Author William L. Ingram below:

“The truth of my own spiritual awakening began in 1968 when I started to practice the “Be Still and Know…” Meditation exercise, discovered and taught by Roy Masters and the Foundation of Human Understanding, that I wrote about in my memoir, Finding Heaven In The Dark.”     William L. Ingram / Author

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      Author William L. Ingram talks about his book on           Black Authors Matter TV



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