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Can you imagine overcoming painful life circumstances and learning to forgive your past?

Can you imagine a lasting faith that heals with love, and peace of mind as a way of life?

Those essential discoveries inspired William L. Ingram to write about the life changing events, and life saving principles that gave him victory over his youthful course of self-destruction. The spellbinding odyssey he recounts occurred during the turbulent racial and political storms in 1960’s America.

William L. Ingram is the name on his Birth Certificate, but it’s not the name he grew up with!

Spanning his formative years as a Black, fatherless boy of the post World War II Baby Boom Era, the author has penned an honest and inspirational memoir. This Award Winning True Story of his troubled teen years, his desertion from the Marine Corps in 1967, and his cross-country odyssey as a 17 year old fugitive reads like a prodigal tale.

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Author William L. Ingram talks about his book on Black Authors Matter TV!
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