William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking!

William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking! Excerpt from: About The Book Mr. Ingram’s odyssey of rebellion and redemption led to his discovery of life saving and life affirming principals. His introduction to the Primitive Christian practice of Meditation, taught by a Los Angeles preacher and his foundation, began his journey of self-discovery and awakening.Continue reading “William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking!”

Official Review by Mallory Whitaker of: Finding Heaven in the Dark

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of: “Finding Heaven in the Dark” by William L. Ingram.]  Review by Mallory Whitaker Have you ever felt like your mind is working against you? That you are too bogged down by negative thoughts about both you and the people around you? That you are your own worst enemy?Continue reading “Official Review by Mallory Whitaker of: Finding Heaven in the Dark”

William Reviews: Christian Meditation by James Finley

Christian Meditation by James Finley  Enter a Monastery Without Walls Christian Meditation introduces an ancient practice to a contemporary audience. James Finley, a former monk and student of Thomas Merton, presents the fundamentals of both understanding and practicing Christian meditation. He provides simple, helpful instructions, as well as explaining the deeper connection with the divine thatContinue reading “William Reviews: Christian Meditation by James Finley”