Excerpt: Chapter 4 ALTERED STATE page 58 – 60 (Nov. 22, 1963)

Excerpt: Chapter 4 ALTERED STATE page 58 (Nov. 22, 1963) Finding Heaven In The Dark, A Memoir by William L. Ingram  On November 22, I stayed home for a rest. I wasn’t deathly ill, but I had a cold. My attendance had been good, and I convinced myself that I needed time off. I wasContinue reading “Excerpt: Chapter 4 ALTERED STATE page 58 – 60 (Nov. 22, 1963)”


IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2 Continued from Part 1 https://williamlingram.com/2020/10/02/is-suicide-really-painless-part-1/ Is suicide a selfish act? In many ways it is, but easy answers elude us. Torment by personal demons, or a public scandal and shame, can plunge anyone into the depths of depression and even suicidal thoughts. People in custodial care, or thoseContinue reading “IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2”


IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS?  Part 1 Another person has killed themselves. Statistics claim that over 100 people a day commit suicide in the U.S. That’s not counting attempted suicides. It makes me sigh with sadness. I know the pain they felt and I know the pain their loved ones will suffer. How can I knowContinue reading “IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS? Part 1”

William’s Still Talking! 

William’s Still Talking! The only true cure for all our nation’s ills is Morality! Moral Re-armament means seeing our own darkness and refusing to condemn others for theirs. It’s called forgiveness. Peace grows from there and heals all. Remember the 1960’s claim that “the revolution will not be televised”? It was a a lie! WeContinue reading “William’s Still Talking! “

Author Biography

Author Biography What if you could overcome painful life circumstances,  forgive your past and find the healing joy of your present? Imagine finding love, joy, and peace of mind as a way of life! Those essentials were the impetus that eventually inspired William L. Ingram to write about the life changing events, and life altering principles thatContinue reading “Author Biography”

William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking!

William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking! Excerpt from: About The Book Mr. Ingram’s odyssey of rebellion and redemption led to his discovery of life saving and life affirming principals. His introduction to the Primitive Christian practice of Meditation, taught by a Los Angeles preacher and his foundation, began his journey of self-discovery and awakening.Continue reading “William L. Ingram’s Blog: William’s Still Talking!”

Official Review by Mallory Whitaker of: Finding Heaven in the Dark

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of: “Finding Heaven in the Dark” by William L. Ingram.]  Review by Mallory Whitaker Have you ever felt like your mind is working against you? That you are too bogged down by negative thoughts about both you and the people around you? That you are your own worst enemy?Continue reading “Official Review by Mallory Whitaker of: Finding Heaven in the Dark”

Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267

Finding Heaven In The Dark Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267 When the group wasn’t talking about sex, cars, or sports, the subject returned to race. Naturally, I endeavored to elevate the conversation. I believed that I had a lot to contribute, because I was an expert on the subject. AfterContinue reading “Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267”

Community Reviews From Book Bub Readers

From Book Bub Readers Community Reviews of: Finding Heaven In The Dark A Memoir connierao @connierao Recommended and rated this book 4 stars I appreciated this man’s honest account of his life journey including thoughts on faith. He does not tow the traditional church line. Dianne Gaffney @Dianneg1 Recommended and rated this book 5 starsContinue reading “Community Reviews From Book Bub Readers”

TRUE LOVE HEALS by William L. Ingram

TRUE LOVE HEALS Is the love you take equal to the love you make? Are you keeping score? After a tragedy we’re prompted to hug those we love to show that we cherish them. The routine “goodbye” and “have a nice day” take on a sacred significance when we try to infuse them with ourContinue reading “TRUE LOVE HEALS by William L. Ingram”