IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2 Continued from Part 1 Is suicide a selfish act? In many ways it is, but easy answers elude us. Torment by personal demons, or a public scandal and shame, can plunge anyone into the depths of depression and even suicidal thoughts. People in custodial care, or thoseContinue reading “IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2”

Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267

Finding Heaven In The Dark Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267 When the group wasn’t talking about sex, cars, or sports, the subject returned to race. Naturally, I endeavored to elevate the conversation. I believed that I had a lot to contribute, because I was an expert on the subject. AfterContinue reading “Excerpt from THE HUNGRY I – Chapter 11 page 267”