IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2 Continued from Part 1 Is suicide a selfish act? In many ways it is, but easy answers elude us. Torment by personal demons, or a public scandal and shame, can plunge anyone into the depths of depression and even suicidal thoughts. People in custodial care, or thoseContinue reading “IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS ? Part 2”


IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS?  Part 1 Another person has killed themselves. Statistics claim that over 100 people a day commit suicide in the U.S. That’s not counting attempted suicides. It makes me sigh with sadness. I know the pain they felt and I know the pain their loved ones will suffer. How can I knowContinue reading “IS SUICIDE REALLY PAINLESS? Part 1”

Why I don’t hate President Trump by William L. Ingram/Author

WHY I DON’T HATE PRESIDENT TRUMP!  by William L. Ingram This is a reprint of a communication in 2018.Below is a portion of a letter from a white co-worker and fan of my memoir FINDING HEAVEN IN THE DARK, a book about my early life as a troubled black youth. Bill, After reading your bookContinue reading “Why I don’t hate President Trump by William L. Ingram/Author”