What if everything you believe is wrong?

What if your religious beliefs are wrong?





“Life’s A Bitch – And Then You Die!” That was a popular saying that was a painfully clever way to express life’s frustrations. 

Why is human life such a mystery? What are we as human beings? Who are we as individuals? Why are we here? Is there a purpose to human life?   

Life hurts because we are born without real answers to the mysteries of life. Family, culture, and religion indoctrinate us with their answers, then we either conform or we rebel. Life hurts because life is War, and War is hell!

There is a secret war that is going on within every human mind. The conflicting voices in your head are proof.

The mind can be a terrible thing to watch!


Look at what someone labors at,
And you will know what they love.
Look at what someone loves,
And you will know what they serve.
Look at what someone serves,
And you will know their Master.
Look at someones Master,
And you will know their Destiny! 

(from Guy Finley-Life of Learning Foundation)


Do you believe people can change?” 

“No…….but I have seen it happen.”


Why do you think you have something more important to do than discover your true self and the meaning of your life?

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Welcome to my journey toward the purpose of Life.

I am the author of an award winning memoir about my struggles as a black teenager in 1960’s America. My name is William L. Ingram.
That’s the name on my birth certificate but it’s not the name I grew up with or used for the first 21 years of my life.

Finding Heaven In The Dark is the title of my memoir. I am the central character but I am not the hero of my story. That’s important to remember. I had a love/hate relationship with my childhood and teenage years. I was an insecure introvert who was sensitive and secretive.

As the African-American son born to an unwed mother during the post World War II baby boom era, I struggled with secret anger and a confused life view.
Finding Heaven In the Dark is about the painfully wrong choices I made as a youth. My self-destructive rebellion and desertion from the Marine Corps in 1967, turned into a cross country odyssey that ended on skid row, in a Los Angeles rescue mission. As a 17-year-old fugitive I was finally forced to confront my personal demons.


“Whatever Saves You…..Claims You!”

ROY MASTERS (Foundation of Human Understanding)



 The essential, unalterable truth of my own spiritual awakening began in 1968 when I started to practice the “Be Still and Know…” Meditation exercise, discovered and taught by Roy Masters at the Foundation of Human Understanding, that I wrote about in my memoir. Practicing this Judeo-Christian meditation exercise since then is an act of faith and love. Discovering that there was a quiet sanctuary of peaceful objectivity within myself gave me access to patience, understanding, and freedom from Life View Confusion that saved my life and restores my soul daily. 

Human Beings are creations of the Light. We are either light seekers (truth lovers), or light evaders (truth haters). Learn to discover this Light within yourself and the Divine Intelligence that is Its’ Source.

Unbutton your mind and let your religious beliefs, or spiritual skepticism help you realize the Purpose we all share, if you dare?

There is a purpose to life on earth. Our mind identified, ego dominated fears are the only thing that keep us from awakening to the True meaning of each precious moment. 

What kind of Power does it take to learn to accept every moment of your life without resistance, resentment, or judgement? 
Learn to search within yourself for the Way To Be!


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