to William L Ingram’s 

An Invitation to Openness


So I wrote a memoir about my early life. The book is titled Finding Heaven In The DarkA story of a boy’s journey from rebellion to redemption. However I am not the hero of my story. It is about the bad old days and how they became the good days, which I wanted the books title to reflect. Finding our heaven in the dark is really the purpose of our life.

Writing my story was a journey I wasn’t sure I should take. So much of my early life was sad and even embarrassing. I was ashamed of some of the things I did. Those days were my Dark Journey. But there is no Darkness that is greater than the Light!

The Light of Reality, the Light of Christ Consciousness is what I refer to as Heaven. One representation of Heaven is the potential of the Spirit within us that is clothed in our Human Nature. My entire life changed for the better when I learned how to become still enough to see myself objectively. With a teachable attitude I learned Patience and Forgiveness of myself and others. I learned to Be Still and Let Go.

Each of us has been given a wonderful gift of life. Life is meant to be a mystical dance of discovery and growth. Whatever it is you believe do not be afraid to temporarily suspend judgement as we share insights and perspectives about life.

This website, my blog postings, shared articles, and emails from followers will all be partakers of my invitation to openness!



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